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What is Demarco Capital Management?

Demarco Capital Management LLC is a boutique financial services firm specializing in insurance and portfolio management. DCM was founded in 2018 by Craig Williams, the current CEO, and CIO. DCM has helped individuals and businesses in the NE with their financial planning and insurance needs. Our licensed financial team has 5+ years of industry knowledge. Request a consultation today and speak with one of our advisors!


A contract in which an individual receives financial protection or reimbursement against any losses. Insurance is a form of risk management and it is crucial for sustained long-term wealth growth.

Portfolio Management

Selecting and overseeing a group of investments that meets a client's financial objectives. Portfolio management is critical for risk management.

College Funding

Wealth Building

Supplements Retirement Fund

Business Longevity

Family Support After Death


Personalized to you and your goals

Optimal allocation and diversification of funds

Grow long-term wealth and obtain financial stability


What industries do we invest in?

Industry 1
Aerospace & Defense
Industry 2
Industry 3
Industry 4

Brian Wallace, Teacher, 38

DCM is a firm that I will continue to recommend to my friends and family. Craig created a life insurance plan for me that worked with my lifestyle and career. He is thourough, diligent, and takes the time to explain all the various nuances of the insurance industry. 

Eliza Gomez, Student, 29

The DCM team helped me navigate my financial future. As a graduate student without a steady flow of income, I was struggling to keep myself above water. I was constantly worried about my financial future. Craig helped me create a financial plan that worked with my student lifestyle. He worked day-in and day-out to create the best plan for me.  

Mary Marin, Therapist, 55

Craig and his team helped me get my insurance policy up and running. For the first time, I feel financially secure and that is all due to Craig and his persona. He is methodical and works hard to get you the best plan! 

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