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A contract in which an individual receives financial protection or reimbursement against any losses. Insurance is a form of risk management and it is crucial for sustained long-term wealth growth.

Insurance is a form of ... 

Asset Protection


LIFE INSURANCE allows you to ... 

recover tax burdens for retirement

protect assets from creditors

create a haven to grow personal capital 

secure assets from downturns in the market

plan for your future generation

Life Insurance has been around for years and it is the way to create new money and protect old money. Birth and death are part of life, so why not create wealth while protecting your assets?


There are two main types of life insurance

We work diligently on securing your future and protecting your assets from any uncertainty. At DCM, we have partnerships with 30 highly rated national and global insurance firms to provide you with the latest products and features. Our multiple partnerships allow us to give you the most affordable and cost-effective rates. 


Term insurance provides a death benefit only for a specified period of time. It can be a good choice if you need basic death benefit protection and want level, affordable premium payments.


Permanent insurance offers a death benefit for as long as your policy remains in force. It can be a good choice if you want flexibility, plus additional features that can complement your financial strategy. 

Our Life Insurance Products

Indexed Universal

  • Asset Protection

  • Accumulation potential with market exposure

  • Tax deferral

  • Flexibility

Whole Life

  • Long Term Protection

  • Access to your cash value

  • Annual dividend potential

  • Premiums guaranteed never to increase


  • Option to convert to permanent insurance

  • Affordability

  • Short-Term Protection

Guaranteed Universal

  • Long-Term Protection

  • Hybrid between term and whole life

  • No Cash Value

Want to learn more about Insurance? Check our free resources!

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