Looking for ways to build assets?

Did you know?
54% of the US population does not have a financial advisor. 
Without an advisor, the wealth gap continues to grow.  
Why do people get advisors?
People need capital to solve debt, buy a home, retirement, emergency fund is zero, business operations, or build wealth.

Like many, you may be facing the same dilemma. How to get the money? Many will try a loan, some will use alternatives like family and friends, or personal savings.

But like many, you have been denied a loan, family and friends claim they don't have it, and saving cash takes too long due to little growth.

So, you want to know how we could solve your financial situation.

We will allocate assets in three financial strategies asset protection, asset growth, and income. Starting with asset protection, below you will see how the premium paid in a policy will be diversified into the index strategy of two portfolios.


How we are going to protect your assets

Let’s say you are paying $2,000 for a policy. The $2,000 paid is allocated into two portfolios.

General Portfolio

$1,950 is placed into high-grade bonds. These bonds are issued debt by governments and corporations.

$50 is applied back to the
general portfolio
from investing
in high-grade bonds.
This make sure the coverage amount is paid out.

$2,000 premium



$2,000 premium

cash grows

tax deferred

It's NOT reported as income

Options Portfolio

The insurance company will take $50
as a budget and trade it.

They will buy and sell indexes like S&P 500 (which contains top 500 US public companies) for PROFIT

So in this case, depending on rates that $50 could be $40 or $60,

you are not at risk of principal loss.

The money accrued over time could be received tax-free.

How we are going to protect your assets permanently
  • We going to trade the financial markets.

  • We will diversify a portion to our asset growth strategy, take profit, and keep you protected permanently

  • We have the resources and knowledge to apply the right analytical and risk management tools to maintain the security of your coverage.


Check Below to see how 

Policy Owner/Insured

Premiums Paid

Policy Active

Portion allocated to our asset growth strategy

Permanently protected. Wealth that will last generations

Our Asset Growth Strategy

Allow us to pick up on trends in their early stages as the computers constantly run scenarios analyzing the 90+ markets to find the best buy and sell opportunities.

We will use AMC stock as an example.

On March 14, 2022, a blue bar signaled a buy order at $14.05 a share and closed at $29.33 on March 28, 2022.

Later, the stock signaled a red bar to short the stock at $30.03 a share which dropped to $10.37.

Buying 100 shares each would have made you $3,494 in total.

Screenshot 2022-06-13 3.39.23 PM (1).png

These computerized models remove the guesswork to help us trade efficiently

Another example.

Watch Amazon stock in this video.

Computers could account for 90% of trade activity, according to CNN.

Still don't believe me? 60 minutes also reported it. Watch.

How do I get started?
  1. SCAN the QR code, COPY the link, or CLICK BELOW to begin.


  2. FILL OUT a quote form.

  3. CHOOSE ONE CARRIER from our list of partners around your budget.

  4. SUBMIT.

Then, we will...

  • CALL to verify.

  • SECURELY SEND a partially filled application to fill in the remaining. Then review and sign.

  • SEND the application to the carrier.

  • BEGIN underwriting.


Once approved, you will have to SIGN the final documents agreeing to the policy.


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Client Benefits

As a client, you will receive a portable USB drive, accessible through your phone and computer,

to maintain the security and privacy of your data.