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We implement strategies and facilitate capital for individuals and institutions to grow.

At Demarco Capital Management LLC, we ...


our client's assets by providing asset protection products and mitigating risk in the markets.


strategies that proves positive performace


capital to build digital cash flow, asset growth and income 


our capital to maximize return and innovation

Since our inception, our goal is to provide asset protection products but now we have shifted into financial management involving cash management and portfolio management.

At the end of 2020, there were over 2.8 billion mobile wallets in use. That number is projected to increase by nearly 74% to reach 4.8 billion mobile wallets in use by the end of 2025 – nearly 60% of the world’s population.

The case is because they offer security to make transactions so no bank info is needed to set up. Transactions are usually instant.

Keep reading below to see how we will protect your assets and grow the cash in your walle

Asset Protection

Life Insurance is a contract in which an individual receives financial protection or relief for the loss of a loved one. Insurance is a form of risk management, and it is crucial for sustained long-term wealth growth. The best part is that wealth could remain hidden from IRS and creditors and grow without losing principal to distribute without paying taxes.

So how could it build wealth?

Let’s say you are paying $2,000 for a policy. The $2,000 paid is allocated into two portfolios.

$2,000 premium

General Portfolio



Options Portfolio

$1,950 is placed into high-grade bonds. These bonds are issued debt by governments and corporations.

The insurance company will take $50
as a budget and trade it.

They will buy and sell indexes like S&P 500 (which contains top 500 US public companies) for PROFIT

$50 is applied back to the
general portfolio
from investing
in high-grade bonds.
This makes sure the coverage amount is paid out.

$2,000 premium

cash grows

tax deferred

It's NOT reported as income

So in this case, depending on rates that $50 could be $40 or $60,

you are not at risk of principal loss.

The money accrued over time could be received tax-free.

Financial Management

We are a multi-asset firm that uses computerized strategies and fundamentally analyzes all asset classes for profit. The technological tools we use allow us to identify profitable trades that could provide income and growth potential.

Digital wallets have grown significantly and are usually the go-to payment method for most transactions. Why? You only need a phone number or email to set up. So they keep other personal information secure.


Our mission is to manage the cash flow of the wallet so the individual or institution has immediate cash. This consist of maintaining expenses, building financing, and creating an additional source of income from the financial market. But most importantly having enough cash on hand.

The most important part of cash building is generating a cash inflow system. This means funds that are going to your wallet for you to spend.
To build a cash inflow we will trade the markets. Everybody utilizes the markets its how everything has value, why your retirement happens, and nations grow. 

computerized models remove the guesswork to help us trade efficiently

We just growing your cash

We will use OSH stock as an example.

Within a 5 min timeframe, a blue bar signaled us to buy the stock at $19.85.

Later, the stock signaled a red bar to sell at $21.75. For 1000 shares that trade showed a $1,900 profit. Less than an hour.


NZD/SGD trade showed $5,524 in profits in 2 months. Only needed $1,586 invested

Currency Trade.png
Screenshot 2023-01-08 5.08.31 PM.png

$14,260 in profits daily time frame

Another example.

Watch Amazon stock in this video.

Computers could account for 90% of trade activity, according to CNN Business.

Still don't believe me? 60 minutes also reported it. Watch.

How do I get started?
  1. Go sign up for either Asset Protector - US Maryland residents onlyGlobal Market Elite membership - US Maryland residents only, or Global Market membership - World. There's a  one-time setup fee and a renewal fee once a year. And you'll be taken care of until you cancel.

Click the link or copy and paste the URL below to sign up:

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