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Portfolio Management

Overseeing a group of investments that were constructed by either allocating or rebalancing to meet objectives within its risk levels.

Portfolio Construction

Selecting one or various asset classes based on risk and the investor's objective. The construction is made off research and development done by the finance professional.  



Step 1. Create Investor Profile

This step is crucial because it will allow us to construct a pathway to achieving short-term and long-term goals.  For us to construct a portfolio, you will create a profile with all of your information. This information will help us understand risk tolerance, financial objectives, and market experience.


Step 2Create an Investment Policy Statement

Based on the client's profile, we will use our expertise to formulate a plan. The plan is personally tailored and will keep the client and manager on the same page based on principles, standards, and boundaries on how the funds are utilized to accomplish financial goals. 


Step 3Build Portfolio

The DCM team will develop a strategy detailing the investment holdings inside of the portfolio. The assets will consist of various financial instruments guided by thorough research explaining financial recommendations and how they could give you the best opportunity at reaching your goals. As the client, you will be involved every step of the way. 


Step 4Managing Opportunities with Decision Making Solutions

With thorough research, we will continually monitor your portfolio to seek opportunities in the market. Depending on market conditions, portfolio allocation may be necessary between equities, but decisions are calculated according to the profile statement that you created.


Step 5. Communicating Progress

We will continue to work with and inform you of the latest updates regarding your portfolio. We understand the importance of reaching financial goals, and we believe that open communication is key. The DCM team will be with you 100% of the way and will guide you through your financial journey. 

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