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What's The Big Fuss About Life Insurance?


So what exactly is life insurance?

As we grow older, get careers, start a family, and build our life, we come to realize that insurance is an integral part of smart financial planning. Planning ahead, taking control of our assets, and protecting what is valuable is critical.

So what exactly is life insurance? Life insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. Just like car insurance, you pay a premium and in turn you recieve a form of security knowing that your asset is secured. The insurance company will pay you a lump sum payment (also known as a death benefit) to your beneficiaries after your death. Life insurance payouts will ensure that your loved ones are financially secure after your passing.

Generally, life insurance policies are relatively cheap, so there is no excuse to not start as soon as possible. You are never too young or old to get started! In addition, you will find comfort knowing that your money is protected for your loved ones in case something were to happen to you.


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