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Wealth Advantage

Wealth advantage account is the complete service that we offer to clients who need full advisement. We allocate funds in an asset protection strategy, income strategy, equity hedge long/short strategy, and private placements within this account. The goal is to provide access to various ways our clients could increase their net worth and protect their wealth. By doing so, we'll be investing globally in stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, and funds from a single integrated account. 

  • Account Minimum: $10,000 

  • Perf. Fee: 12% 

  • AUM Fee: 0.2% 

  • Online Account Management 

  • Monthly Statements 

  • Mobile Access 

Insurance - our asset protection strategy secures a living and death benefit. It allows our clients cash to take advantage of tax-free treatments during the growth and distribution phase. 


Investment - in our equity hedge strategy, we approach the market more aggressively. We rely on quant analysis, risk management, and leverage to spot turning points and swings on a daily basis  to enhance returns.  


Our income strategy is similar to our equity hedge, but the style is different. Our clients implement a buy-and-hold strategy in companies that pay dividends. 


Private placements are investments made in private companies. Some companies are startups while others are late-stage businesses seeking funding.