What do we do? 

We facilitate capital and strategies for individuals and institutions to grow.

At Demarco Capital Management LLC, we ...


We protect the uncertainty


We seek innovative solutions for businesses


We construct customized financial portfolios


We trade our capital to protect your future.

Asset Protection

We help individuals guard and grow their capital


Insurance Carrier Partners


Licensed and Operating in two states: New Jersey and Maryland

Portfolio Management

We assist our clients to reach their financial goals and obtain financial stability and security.

Before reaching your goals, it is important to start with a budget. With firm boundaries, you will be able to have a target focus on your future. At DCM we will evaluate your current financial situation to help you establish your budget. 

Every industry's market goes through ups and downs, it's what you do during that volatility period that matters. Rebalancing keeps you moving forward, towards your long-term goals. It's important to maintain security and stability during volatile periods to ensure financial stability in the long-run. 

It's important to put your money to work. Making money on your money is how you maintain financial stability. Investing in innovative, high growth companies is how we at DCM will help you invest in your future.