We implement strategies and facilitate capital for individuals and institutions to grow.

At Demarco Capital Management LLC, we ...


our client's assets by providing asset protection products and mitigating risk in the markets.


innovative solutions to grow our client's assets


our client's custom portfolios and financial plans


our capital towards research and development

Asset Protection

Life Insurance is a contract in which an individual receives financial protection or relief for the loss of a loved one. Insurance is a form of risk management, and it is crucial for sustained long-term wealth growth.

We partner with various carriers to provide asset protection for our clients. We offer term, whole, and universal products.

  1. Request a quote
  2. Complete application
  3. Complete underwriting
  4. Approved by carrier
  5. Sign forms to activate the policy

Portfolio Management

We are a multi-asset firm that finds opportunities across all asset classes. In other words. we oversee a group of investments that meets a client's financial objectives. The goal is to facilitate capital in the market for profit. We create a risk profile to determine the allocation between equities, alternatives, fixed income, and currencies. 

Once a client creates a profile, we group the assets into a portfolio for the client to evaluate and agree to IP statements. The statements show how the client's capital is allocated in detail. We utilize two strategies for growing a portfolio. Our two strategies are income and quant.


Private Ventures

We assist businesses with preparing for private capital ventures. We work with early-stage companies creating the proper documents; digital platforms and utilizing the right resources to raise capital for business operations.

Macro-Trading & Research

Our research tools allow us to stay current with financial news and market data. We trade the markets.